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Postcards from the Maldives at last


Also known as the King’s Island, this is the capital that rules the Maldives, or the islands of Malé


The Maldives is one of those destinations that tickles your imagination. The ring to the name is enough to elicit the most exotic and beautiful images of clear emerald water, white-sand beaches, sunsets that light the Indian Ocean and the sky on fire…

We finally made our way there at last.

Confirmed: All the fantasies and stories about the Maldives were true.

Our short 3-night stay in the Maldives made us fall in love with the beautiful North Malé Kaafu atoll, one of 26 atolls here in the Maldives.

For beach destinations, the resort is going to make or break the experience. However short the stay may be, we are in our “discovery” mode and would love to enjoy great food, beautiful scenery, fun activities and overall have an unforgettable and enriching experience.

Since we didn’t have too much time, not a second was to be wasted! We chose Baros, a stunning and authentic luxury resort only a quick 20-minute speedboat ride away.

We were picked up at the Malé International Airport (MLE) by Baros staff with a big smile. They led us to our private speed boat, and off we went!

Zooming through the Indian Ocean, we saw sea planes here and there (thank god we didn’t have to take those with our time limits – especially since they cost a small fortune as well).

After enough gawking at the ocean, we were close to the resort. The boat slowed down as we entered the unbelievably blue and picturesque lagoon surrounded by beaches and reefs enclosing the island. The excitement continues to build. 

After all the admin tasks were done with very friendly staff once again, we were taken to our villa. Our beautiful villa – and actually all villas on the island had a beach front view complete with an outdoor shower, wooden terrace, and most importantly, front row sun chairs right by the water. The fancier guests also have their own plunge pool but we rationalized to ourselves that if you’ve got the most pristine ocean in front of us, why would we pay to use a pool!? 

So the three days of sea soaking began. The reef was easily accessible from the villa – it takes literally 2 minutes, door to reef. What also sets this experience apart from other reefs is that the house reef had all the sea life that comes with a healthy reef including reef sharks and turtles.

Within 5 minutes, we saw 3 reef sharks swim by elegantly. Luckily these guys were nice sharks that weren’t interested in eating us alive!  

Of course, nature wasn’t the only thing that was memorable about the resort. The dining experience was also amazing. Here is an example of our extremely yummy (and a little boozy) breakfast by the infinity pool:

You get all the benefits – luxury, convenience, beautiful reefs for snorkeling

The experience was unforgettable. Already want to go back there this minute.

We ate, swam, saw beautiful reefs and their inhabitants, napped to the sound of the wave, and the list goes on…

See for yourself!


Top tip: Don’t bring alcohol through customs at the airport! It will no doubt be confiscated



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